Saturday, February 5, 2011

31/365 She's good as new :)

During the last Snow/Ice storm we were hit in the front end by a driver who lost control on the ice.  While he was uninsured it made for an expensive trip to town for me.. ended up going to town for a $10 pizza and spent $260.00 on my deductible and the pizza ;)  Though we had to pay money for an accident that wasn't our fault, we were all safe and sound & that more than I could ask for.

Thanks to Spivey's body shop, my sweet ole gal was fixed right up!  We picked her up today & I've never been happier.. just feels to good to be back in my truck.  I love feeling safe while driving my children around, I love to feel like I have no limits.. no limits on what I can haul home ;)  I love driving a truck, and will never be able to go back to car!  

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