Tuesday, February 8, 2011

35/365 Squeaky Clean!

After the snow fall late last night I got into a huge cleaning mood.. just this wet cold weather & nothing better to do, I broke down.  Laundry Room is so clean we could eat off the floor, kitchen is clean for the next hour until we cook again, dinning room CLEAN, living room.. swept & mopped, Master Bedroom and bath ~ we'll not talk about that!  lol

Here's our beautiful winter weather from late last night :)
And I'm gonna go ahead and add a lil big of my opinion on the whole "I'm over this snowy weather" thing!  I see & hear this all the time.. all I have to say about that is GET OVER IT!  Just be thankful that you woke to see the snow fall.  Be glad that you live in a place that gets light snow from time to time.. There are people who have never seen snow fall from the sky and there are people who have to dig their cars out from the snow!  Just take a minute to appreciate the snow and it's beauty and that we are blessed enough to see God's work.  And one more little thing.. we all know that this season will pass, we will soon be in the beauty of Spring months and then Summer.. (you know those months were we all miss the cold weather!)  So instead of always wishing for something other than what we have, take a minute and live in the moment.  With all that said, I'm gonna go crawl in my warm comfy bed on this cold night & enjoy my toasty fire :)  I hope all of you wake up happy & enjoy your day tomorrow and as the cold wind hits your face, just be thankful that you can feel it!  Night night.


Anonymous said...

well put Nichol~ people are so ungrateful, we all need to be happy no matter what~ I enjoyed the one weekend that was 70degrees however I have love for mother nature in any degrees~ xoxo

Jessica Rich said...

I totally agree! I'm so tired of people saying "im sick of the snow".....but the this summer they will say "i'm so tired of this hot weather, i can't wait for it to cool down". So which is it? I think some people are just set on being unhappy and finding something to complain about. Oh well, just had to comment :) I enjoy your post as always!

. said...

thanks gal.. I'm not one to go deep into negative subjects like people complaining but just felt it was needed, just had to vent a bit ;) I love the spring & fall more than any season, but love to see all seasons of life :) thanks for reading along guys!