Wednesday, February 9, 2011

36/365 Sleepy, work day... turned chicken gettin' day :)

Sleep.. I needed it today!  After staying up till the weee hours of the night finishing the Valentine Pictures I was beat!  I slept a good portion of the morning away.. I woke with the kiddos, then napped on the couch for a few.  Then they woke me wanting me to journey up to Lyla's room to play house.. guess what role I played?!??!  The Baby, ya know that way I could lay in the bed like a lil baby while Lyla covered me in stuffed animals and Tate covered me up with 30 blankets ;) Well I conked out for another 20 minutes as they played Momma and Daddy to me and woke knowing I had to go in search of location for Photo Days to come.  So, we grabbed some mud boots and warm clothes and set out..  picked up our pizza and ended up out Hwy 282 by a dear friend of mine's house.  After yacking with her for a few minutes we continued on our journey.  And what did we see?!??!  A little handmade sign reading "chickens for sale"  if any of you know me, you'll know that I had to stop!  We talked to the sweet lil' lady named Marie and looked at her chickens, (which I just had to have).  We left without chickens and promised a return later in the week... then my sweet friend, Cindy offered her carrying crate!  Bingo, we can get our chickens!  So, after getting the crate we pull back up to the lady's yard to claim some cute hens.  (Please note, I think she was a bit thrown by me.. thought I was a crazy lady to go get a crate and return directly lol)   So, we loaded 5 full grown hens into our truck and went home happy!    It's the random days like these that are my favorites!

Overlook the poop image quality, took with my phone.. but this is one of the new girls :)

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