Monday, February 21, 2011

50/365 weekend full of fun!

Tate and Rob are really have fun on their hunting trip!   They we able to get a rabbit this morning and Tate was beyond excited to pull out his new skinning knife that he has yet to use.  :)

Rob said he has ate a full pack of little debbie brownies and every other piece of junk food you could think of!  He's loving the weekend of Manly supervision :)

While the boys are gone.. Casey, Lyla and I set to work and covered ourselves in dirt from head to toe and the spots that weren't dirty with dirt were covered in concrete dust!  But we got 4 posts set in concrete for the new bunny/injured chicken run. :) We also set the last post for the clothesline, so within days I'll have my laundry flapping in the wind again!  We were outside from morning until dark.. once I did walk into the house I was barely able to get in the bath, as I was soooo beyond sleepy!  I was in the bed and out like a light by 8:30, love days like today.. I get so much done & sleep like a rock!

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