Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've been eye-balling this place for months!

The leaves have finally turned! Look at how perfect this place is.....on our way home from the park today we stopped to get permission from the land owners to take some photos here, no one was home so I started snapping. I would love to have some family photos taken here....just a perfect spot! (or for a certain someone in a red dress..hint hint Nacole)

Anyway~ here are the pics....I just love one with my side view mirror. As I was snapping it, Tate asked "Momma why do you have to always take pictures?" My answer "This view could be gone tomorrow, but I will have it forever!" He probably didn't know what the heck I was talking about, but maybe oneday he will understand....I do it to mark today, and yesterday, & the day before that! LOL


What a beautiful day! Once Pre-K let out we made our way over to the duck park with a few of Tate's friend's from school. Nacole brought Caleb & Gaige (aka Tate's Best friends), Lea & Josh brought Jillian...who skipped out on pictures & Linda brought sweet Juila. We had a wonderful time chatting and the kiddos got to do what they do best PLAY! Tate was all tuckered out once we left, as was I. Here are a few pics of our great Fall day~

Grab a tissue! I cry everytime......

before watching turn the music player off... it is on the right side of this page, scroll down.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A jump back in time to a few of my favorite days......

Here is a cute one of me and my bro's on Nathan's big wedding day. Crazy to think that Tate was in the oven at this time!

This photo of Tater & Braydi jumping on the bed brings back memories...the reason they are in their diapers is because they had just jumped out of the bath. Wanna know the reason they had a bath~ they had creamed two tubs of skin cream on their bodies & all in their hair! It was too cute to get upset, so I just grabbed the video camera and laughed it off. It was a great day in toddler world. I truly miss the days when Braydi and Tate had sleep overs.

Why do I love these photos? Well they remind me of an awesome vacation.... A vacation where I fell in love with my hubby all over again. It was our first vacation as a family & it was a great one!

These photos are from a sweet Fall day decorating our yard. Tate fell on the pavement and hurt his nose that day....I remember the day to be so relaxing and happy! He loved helping us with the flowers and pumpkins! I wish I could go back to this day and pinch his little cheecks! He is just soooo cute!

Yummy Yummy in my tum tum tummy!

Lyla had her first bite of food~bananas and she loved them! She was smacking her lil lips just waiting for the next bite! I am so excited about her eating....I made all of Tate's food homemade & loved it. I can't wait to make all the yummy food for her. Tate's favorite was peas, (not that he would touch them with a ten foot pole now), but I can't wait to see what Lyla loves the most. It is just so rewarding breastfeeding her and knowing that she has grown all because of me. It is also rewarding making her food, as she gets alittle older I will be able to add things like wheat germ, Brewers yeast and other wonderful additives so that she is getting great nutrition in her every meal. I also love the fact that I save like 75% of what jarred foods cost. The nutrition and savings are wonderful & I'm so thankful I'm able to give my baby the very best~with that said here is her first lil feeding! Next week will be Avocados!

Monday, November 5, 2007

A tub of love!

Oh what fun a bath can be.....when you have a sibling to play and splash with! I thought I knew everything about my sweet Tate, but that was before he became a brother. Now I am seeing a totally different little boy~ the bond these two kiddos have is like no other! I am so thankful that they have each other. I am so thankful for the love that is already there. Here are a few shots from their fun in the tub!

Friday, November 2, 2007

I L♥ve my family..and every minute spent with them!

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a call from one of my friends (Tabitha who was 8 months prego at the time) Like always we started our conversation asking what each other was doing...she asked me and I replied "oh just nursing a baby ~ What about you?" She said she was doing alittle scrapbooking. So I said "oh lucky you" then she replied, "No lucky you". It took this phone call for me to realize what blessing I have on a daily basis that I don't always see. For instance, nursing my sweet Lyla....normally I read a magazine while she nurses or watch alittle tv, or surf the net. Not anymore, now I sit and watch her. I take it all in, her little nose, her eyelashes....everything! She is just so sweet & while I always enjoyed our time alone I really didn't realize what a true blessing it is, that I have an everyday moment that some people are not able to share. Like Tabitha~ she is still in waiting for her sweet miracle, so she longs for the moment she holds her baby, when I hold Lyla everyday. Sometimes it is the things right in front of us that we don't see. I know I have went in circles here, but I just want to say one thing from this~ look around and love what you have....especially your family. In the end they are what your day will start and end with, they are the people who truly care about you. So take a few extra minutes and hug alittle longer! Soak up life, after all we only live it once!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

He has a new friend.....

Tate kept telling us how he wanted a being the suckers that we are, we gave in and called the Animal Rescue for Pickens County. We were alittle scared of how the dog would be with children as he was a stray. Well we couldn't have found a better pet for Tate. He is so sweet & loving! His name is Pugsley and he is around 3 years old. He is calm and relaxed most of the time, but will also play around with Tate when prompted. We have taught him to sit in only a weeks time, so I know he will be a well mannered dog within no time. He already knows how to push open an unlatched door.....I found it out the hard way~ after dropping Tate at school I returned to a kitchen filled with Trash!!!! He had opened the back door & made himself at home! Yuck, not cool! Needless to say I check the door to make sure it is truly closed. So anyway, here are a couple of shots I got after school one day... I couldn't find Tate & when I looked out the back door this is what I saw.