Thursday, November 1, 2007

He has a new friend.....

Tate kept telling us how he wanted a being the suckers that we are, we gave in and called the Animal Rescue for Pickens County. We were alittle scared of how the dog would be with children as he was a stray. Well we couldn't have found a better pet for Tate. He is so sweet & loving! His name is Pugsley and he is around 3 years old. He is calm and relaxed most of the time, but will also play around with Tate when prompted. We have taught him to sit in only a weeks time, so I know he will be a well mannered dog within no time. He already knows how to push open an unlatched door.....I found it out the hard way~ after dropping Tate at school I returned to a kitchen filled with Trash!!!! He had opened the back door & made himself at home! Yuck, not cool! Needless to say I check the door to make sure it is truly closed. So anyway, here are a couple of shots I got after school one day... I couldn't find Tate & when I looked out the back door this is what I saw.

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