Thursday, May 1, 2008

We are FAM-A-Leeeeee

Last weekend we had a family gathering over at Granny's house, oh what fun it was! It's just great hearing the guitar from my two talented brother's....laughing about old stories & just being together! Granny Linda & Gramps are down for a couple more weeks & I'm really wishing my photography wasn't keeping me so busy~ I really enjoy seeing them. In November it'll be our turn to journey up to their neck of the woods~ after that I know Rob will be ready to move to Canada~ BRRRRRRRR. So here are a few lil' pics from our day! I just love the ones of Braydi & Lyla having their little dramatic moments first Lyla was upset, then Braydi showed her some love, then she is just trying to figure it all out??!!?!? *Note: her shirt reads "Drama Queen"

Lyla started to crawl alittle over there for the first time~ here are a few of her first little scoots~ kinda blurry but she wouldn't hold still;) Today, she is going full blast~ crazy what a week in "baby days" make!

And so it starts.............

all the bickering that goes with siblings! LOL I love this really captured what it's like with two kids & one sucker!

Two things I love chidren & photography

I decided awhile back that I would stop taking pics of my Tater in front of the backdrop with prop etc. because he hated it & wouldn't sit still~ it normally turned out with me frustrated & then later when looking back at the pics I didn't like them, because it wasn't a great memory & after all that is what photography is all about. So I had an open mind that I would do a FUN photoshoot with the kids. I went into the photoshoot with the idea of not caring so much about the set up & really trying to have fun with whatever the kiddos did. After telling Tate that my camera made me sneeze when I put my face to it, he couldn't stop laughing! We had a great time & the pictures are more of what I love, because although they are somewhat posed I love the memory behind them~ it was a fun time with a great mixture of two things I love children & photography! (Mix Rob in there somewhere & I'd be on cloud nine! Speaking of, we are going to do our family pics soon:) So here are a few pics from the time we spent together laughing & getting sugar highs:)

oh how I love these sweet babies......

Just a few Random pics from this past weekend.

I will not give up............

We are still on the hunt for an old house with a story within it's walls.......I loved this one we found in Ball Ground, but it just was not pratical. The upstairs was WAY too small for us. I loved the tall ceilings & wide baseboards! The floor was another favorite of mine~ the old pealing paint could be lightly sanded & finished so that the white would stay but you could also see the wood~ ewwww, it'd be pretty with alittle love from the Engle Family~ yet I'll keep searching! I know the perfect house is out there, just waiting for us. (it it rest on Yukon Rd, now just getting the lady to sell is the trick) As for this Ball Ground house, it was fun just walking through it....realizing how many dinners were spent in the dinning area, how many children had played in that yard....just amazes me how it is still standing strong & how well built old home were. As we were in the master bedroom I pointed out the light switch to Rob, it was made by GE & was the coolest thing had two tiny push buttons & had been covered in rust. As I pushed it, I thought of back in the day when the house was new. I love old houses like this one & wished the walls could talk. I googled the address like crazy just to know the past families of the house, but came up with nothing. I wish we could purchase an old home of atleast 75+ with awesome land for the kiddos to grow up on....where they could run free in the woods making forts, and then come home for a PB&J sandwich (well except Lyla would have to have just the J, seeing as she can't do the peanut butter LOL) Anyway, I'm still on the hunt & refuse to give up~ Rob thinks I'm silly since we have a new, beautiful home~ but I really want something different than living in a subdivision for my children. (no offense Tabitha, we'd miss you & the boys being next door) So here's my request~ if you know of the perfect place.....send me an email~ I need all the help I can get. And it doesn't even have to be for sale~ I've knocked on many doors & found that some people are likely to sell.....even if Rob thinks it tacky :) I'm not above being tacky to get what I want♥ I'll post some pics later of the cool blue house I'm in LOVE with on Yukon Rd. later.