Thursday, May 1, 2008

We are FAM-A-Leeeeee

Last weekend we had a family gathering over at Granny's house, oh what fun it was! It's just great hearing the guitar from my two talented brother's....laughing about old stories & just being together! Granny Linda & Gramps are down for a couple more weeks & I'm really wishing my photography wasn't keeping me so busy~ I really enjoy seeing them. In November it'll be our turn to journey up to their neck of the woods~ after that I know Rob will be ready to move to Canada~ BRRRRRRRR. So here are a few lil' pics from our day! I just love the ones of Braydi & Lyla having their little dramatic moments first Lyla was upset, then Braydi showed her some love, then she is just trying to figure it all out??!!?!? *Note: her shirt reads "Drama Queen"

Lyla started to crawl alittle over there for the first time~ here are a few of her first little scoots~ kinda blurry but she wouldn't hold still;) Today, she is going full blast~ crazy what a week in "baby days" make!

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