Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sticker Sneeze!

We got bored one night & this is what happens when you combine boredom, a five year old & a book of stickers!

A Date with Tate

It was much needed! I haven't been out with just my boy in what seems like forever. It's crazy to think of how well he has adjusted to not having all my time these days ~ and it's days like this one that I really realize what a change he has went through over the last year, with Lyla becoming his Sister & Mommy working more & starting school. Tate is a stronge, loving little boy & has dealt with everything so well. I can see at times that he strives for all of my attention ~ So I'm writing mainly to say how proud I am of my little Turkey. He makes my heart tick~ Let this be a reminder to everyone, myself included. When our little children are changing, having a tough time here and there...take time aside for them~ after all they are just children & our love & laughter is the best gift we can give to them.

Why Lyla likes having a Dog~

It's simple.....when you get a Dog you get a huge bowl of water that stays on the floor to play in....you also get challenged when reaching for your babydoll, You constantly are able to race with Mommy (to see who gets to the pile of poop first) You get a face wet by a big slobbery tongue. The list could go on & on ~ One thing is for sure, Lyla loves little Carter. She, Tate, Carter & Rock (which is sadly our cat's name) are always together. They are quite a little crew....always keeping me on my toes.

Here are a few pics from this last month, just a glimpse at how we spend out days....usually on the back porch with the animals. (and sometimes inside....but only when Dad isn't looking) ;)

I do believe she was about to do something bad here....look at her checking her surrondings first~ little stinker!

Even with all the spills of Dog food & the constant changes of clothes due to the water bowl.....I still can't help but smile~ just look at her....she's a dollbaby!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My little sweet pea

So Lyla is growing like a weed~ she can talk using three words at a time & knows exactly what she is saying! She is a little fire cracker...which who wouldn't be with Tater as a brother. She is constantly hitting, growling, and cursing him in baby talk......but then within no time she'll be over there giving him pecks on the lips or hugging him tight around his neck. She has a sweet love for him, she is his little mother hen ~ She whispers to him while rubbing his hair & patting his back. Watching them together makes my heart smile!

Lyla loves animals~ the Cat, which she forever called 'dog' and the Dog, which she calls dog ;) She also has a great love for Rob's stuffed Deer & turkey. Anytime we pass through the great room she starts hollering "Dee Dee" aka deer or gob gob for the turkey. Rob swears she is going to be a little hunter~ I told him that is fine so long as I can put a camo bow in her hair & buy her some pediped camo shoes. He informed me that the only bow she'll be having in the woods will be the one in her hand.

Lyla is currently walking around everywhere~ I don't have pics edited yet, but plan on posting some soon. I have been waiting and waiting for her to walk...and to be honest with ya, it was simple so that her outfits would look better ;) You try to be a little girl crawling in a dress....it just don't work! So now I can finally put her in a dress with out her knees getting caught in it. I'm super excited! Sad, I know but it don't take much! Heck, I get excited when the mail is delievered.

Well this is the best I can do for an update~ time is limited & instead of blogging about my life, I'm trying to live it with the few short minutes I have. The photography is still streaming at a rapid pace & I'm just trying to keep up..so hang in there until winter & I'll be the blogger queen once more!