Sunday, January 30, 2011

30/365 Oh the sweet sound of a chainsaw..

It is one of my favorite things to hear!  Why do I love the sound so much?  The sounds of the chainsaw humming means we are together as a family, we are outside enjoying the beautiful wooded land, we are planning to heat our home by our hard day's work.  

After Church we came home and changed clothing, fed the livestock, and packed a sandwich... and we were off!  The kids enjoyed their ride through the logging road in the back of the truck.. I sat back there with em' and was able to hear "Gosh, Lyla this day is fun!"  If you ask me, that's the sweetest words, especially when we are doing something so simple... our day together didn't cost a penny, didn't involve a television set, and we were together ALL day.  While splitting wood I look over and see my kids with a HUGE tree limb (atleast 5ft long) and they had a log turned over making a seesaw.  This is what happens when you turn your children loose in nature.. they use their imaginations and find things to play.  

There are times while we are out in the woods working that my husband stops what he is doing for a split second and smiles up at me as I lug the wood to the truck.  We have this unspoken moment that lets me know that he too loves these moments just as much I do.  If someone were to ask me if I'd rather go out to dinner with my husband or cut firewood with him, I'd throw my boots on & head to the woods!  We are a team while we are out there, and never forget to HIGH FIVE at the end of our job, well done. :)

I am thankful for today, it was a beautiful day at 63 degrees in late January spent with family.  I wouldn't trade today for nothing else in this world.  

And here is the image for the 365 day challenge... what does this image have to do with anything?!?!  Well, it shows that I brought my camera with me.. but forgot to get the battery off the charger ;)  It was meant to be, as there is no possible way to capture today with a camera or any other device, today was just one of those days you'd have to have been here.. it was one of the sweetest days!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

29/365 Feels a lot like Spring in late January!

Oh my, today was nice!  We've sure enjoyed this snowy weather but today was much needed.  We spent the entire day OUTSIDE, and enjoyed our 63degree weather.  We started our day in the hen yard.  I rocked our sweet lil pygmy goat to sleep, added salt licks for our bunnies, and cleaned the coop a bit.  Afterwards Rob got an itching for the the grill to be fired up!  We set off to town to pick up some steaks. We made a quick stop by the park for the kids to catch some scooter time.

Once we finished with our park adventure we picked up steaks at Ingles and returned home.  As Rob grilled the steaks Tate and I practiced his skills on the 4-wheeler.  I had to bribe him with his rabbit knife, telling him that if he'd just try to drive it with Mommy he could have a new knife I'd picked up for him.  That is all it took, he over came his fear of the size of 4-wheeler and just kept it in 1st gear and did great! I rode with him for a long while while he did it all, then he decided to try for himself... by dinner time he knew how to reverse under the garage area and hook the wood trailer.  He hauled the trailer full of wood to the porch, unloaded it & returned it to the garage.  Such a big boy he is growing to be.  So proud of my big boy!  

Tate.. you look like such a small lil' lad here.  Please stay this little for a while... gosh what am I saying, you are growing big & I'm thankful and proud of you ~ keep sprouting into the man you will become!

While I was talking to the neighbor, Tate decides to turn the 4-wheeler around on his own.. he did sooo good :)

And this last image is the result of Momma saying "let's go inside to eat dinner".  Poor lil turkey just loves to play outside!  Gotta add, I love her dirty, ripped up knees ;)


27/365 Like heaven on earth...

This sweet lil creek is what I look down upon each time I step outside my backdoor.  Years back, when my parents were just dating my Dad used to work in these cow pastures.. even the pasture my home rests in.  I love this land, love the history this end of the county holds for me.  My mom has told me numerous stories of this area & they always put a smile on my face.  Here's one...
'Back when I was just dating your Daddy the bridge that crosses this creek was out and wouldn't allow anyone to cross.. well your Daddy decided to get smart and throw a 2x4 board across this creek.. He took me out riding on his motorcycle and thought it'd be real funny to cross that small piece of wood with me on the back! '  
 What I would give to see them riding across this creek.. I can see Momma in her cut off shorts & my Daddy in his Bobcat Purple jersey.  :)

  This beautiful creek greets me each morning on my return from taking Tate to school.  With each morning greeting the sun dances on the water.. Just inviting me to photograph it.  I have been meaning to capture this sight for months now, glad I had my camera handy today at 8:34am!  Why 8:34 exactly?? you ask....  well I've tried before to run up the hill and grab my camera, but what most of you don't realize is lighting doesn't last~ within 5 minutes of this image being taken the sun is no longer dancing on the water.  Blessed to travel this road daily so early in the morning. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26/365 Meet our little MoeZelle

MoeZelle wasn't a purchase we thought we'd make today, though I just couldn't leave her once I saw her.  Isn't she perfect for us!?!?!
So here is the story behind today's adventure...

We have a sick lil boy in our house, though Tate is shaking his cold somewhat he has just been down right rotten feeling this week.  So we tried to cheer him up with a bunny the other day, that worked but he needed out of the house today, so we went to rest up at Nana's.  I thought it'd be a great idea to bring one of my extra Rooster to Nana and get her lil farm going.. so we loaded him up & drove over the hill and through the woods.. As Tate was resting with Nana at his begging call, I decided I'd go find a Hen to go with Nana's Rooster... which lead me to MoeZelle.  I pulled up at a cute lil farm in Chatsworth to pick up the hen and was curious as to what was making that crying sound?!?!  Well it was a group of cute lil Pygmy Goats.. and I was in love :) So, I bargained a deal and had the owner throw the chicken in for free if I took a Goat with me.  **This is the part where I should note that I'm a split decision maker & rarely call my hubby to consult before bringing home a living animal**  With hen & Goat loaded up I waved good-bye to the farmer & promised to be back for a pot belly pig soon ;)

When I returned to my mom's house the kids knew nothing of MoeZelle.. they were so excited when they did see her!  We've wanted a lil goat for months now & I'm so happy to welcome lil MoeZelle into our home.

Where did the name MoeZelle come from???  MoeZelle was a lady who lived down the dirt road from us, from my childhood.  I was between the age of 1-9 when I knew MoeZelle.  The thing that stuck out the most about MoeZelle was that she gardened in her bra!  She was a hoot & probably someone I would've loved to know as an adult.  She just didn't care, she was herself no matter what others thought. She knew she was going to be pulling weeds from her garden in the hot summer sun & wanted to do it in her bra, so she did!  And just for a visual, she was not a little lady.. lol  Power to MoeZelle, you made an impact on my life :)  RIP.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25/365 Sick day for my lil fella

What do you do when you are sick, and it's yucky & rainy outside???  You sit inside playing with fluffy little bunnies!  Tate has been home from school for two days now & is finding rest on the couch with his side kick Narnia (the bunny)  Oh to be a kid again... (or a bunny;) 

24/365 Let this lil farm grow!

If you guys know me well at all, you'll know that when I get a wild hair I can't stray from the crazy idea I had.  Well today's idea was to bring in a couple new bunnies.  When we lost our Lion Head bunny, Zeek I swore I'd own another one.. he was just so sweet & so cute with his fluffy head :)   So, instead of getting just one, why not two??!??!  So, we brought them home today.. Lyla named her MALE bunny Lucy, and Tate named his lil fella Narnia and his middle name is dawn, last name treader... I know, I know my kids are almost as crazy as I am ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

23/265 Taking the long road to get to where I'm going ;)

So today is Sunday (day 23) and we had all plans of trying a new church out this week...but then came Rob's out of town trip to Illinois and I still had to take all the decor down from our shoot.  So, without having his help with the kiddos on Monday.. I had to do it today.  I told the kiddos to get dressed and we were going to a candy shop where they could eat whatever they wanted... oh how they loved that!  I was able to bribe Lyla enough to get a few shots of her before we took it all down ;)  

After finishing up there, Casey and I went to return the heaters we had borrowed for the shoot.  Which belonged at the Pink Pig in Cherry Log.  Well if you know us, that is an all day task ;) We went the long way to Blue Ridge.. heading out Big Creek and stopped a few times along the way!  We just can't pass up a falling down house, we have to explore!  Which leads us back to the photo of the day...  Sweet Tea in hand ~ we take the long road to get to where we are going :) 

Happy Sunday to all!  We'll see you in church next week.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 & 22/365 SLUMBER PARTY!

Today was the day I've waiting for... over the last 3 years I've talked of doing a Candy photo shoot for kids and adults.  Today was the day we were setting up the Candy photo day in a super old house in downtown Ellijay.  Once arriving at the house we realized the heat didn't work.. so we were off to find a source of heat!  We ended up relying on a good friend, and she came through once again!  We had heat.. but now to light the heaters... remind you, it was Casey and I alone trying to complete this task!  So, we went to Walmart and finished buying the last minute candy and props we needed, then we had to photograph a basketball team, then we went back to the house to set up the heaters.  After realizing we needed a wrench to tighten the threads we were back on the road to the BP, returned back with the wrench only to find it was too small.  We were both certain of two things.. we were going to get the heat fixed and were NOT going back into Walmart!  So, living in the sweetest small town around we were able to find a cop parked with a wrench in his car.. fixed our problem!  (and this sweet cop will have his niceness returned with a yummy pound cake!)  So, at 1:30 am we had our heat going and set up our beds in the house that is older than you and I put together.  

Set up time!  @ 2am.  

Set complete by 3:15am.

Day 22, work day.. Final Product ~ well worth the time invested!

20/365 Amberly & Peggy Lynn

Today we brought home our new additions from Blue Ridge.. we are naming these sweet new chairs after their previous owners :) So, we have Amberly & Peggy Lynn.  I just know they will make a great addition to our basement of chairs (I may bring Amberly up to my makeup desk, she's just too good of a Queen Bee chair for me to pass up).  Our sweet Honey Chair will debut at our Valentine's shoot :) 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19/365 Ready or not, here I come!

Hide and seek, it's a routine in our home with our Lyla.. especially at bed time :)  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18/365 It's okay to cry..

 As I always do when I'm alone before picking Tate up from school, I journeyed to see my dear friend, Kerri.  I always try to make it a happy trip, a trip to show her that I love her and to remember the life she lived and still lives from within each of us.  I always leave her with a smile and after my first few visits spent crying for her, I vowed not to cry about the loss of such a wonderful person.. but to be happy for her, as she is living on high in the place we are working toward going.  Today, I visited her with the same mind set, but with tomorrow being 3 years she has been gone, I wasn't as strong.  Kerri's angel headstone seemed to say it's okay to cry.   Although I know it's sad lil post today, I feel it is in order ~ To let us all know that it's okay to cry.  I will however start tomorrow as a day of celebration, as it is the 3 year mark that our sweet Kerri has had her wings!  
Click image to view larger

The final image was taken of our happy little town covered in rain.  This is the place we call home.  The place where everyone knows you by name.  The place I was born and raised and will raise my children. 

17/365 WORK DAY!

Not much to be said about today.. but here's the picture ;) 
Ha, just kidding.. Did we really think that I could post a picture and not blab about it until I've ended up telling 4 stories in one?!?!  lol  
So you are asking.. what kinda picture is this from a Photographer??  Well this is an image snapped through my windshield while confirming our building rental for the weekend's shoot.  ;) That's right.. we'll be set up in town this Saturday for our Valentine Shoot & can't wait for the outcome.   So, today was a work day ~ we went to double check that everything was set in place and ready to go for this weekend & then it was home to write up directions and detailed email for our weekend's clients.

Back to the start of our day.. we began this day super sleepy.. thanks to little Lyla and our pot belly stove!  Just as I was about to settle into bed (12:30am late work night) my ears hear the little sound of pitter patters across the floor... it was Lyla she had come down stairs to tell me she was HOT.  After turning on her fan and kissing her head I went to bed.  Just as I was about to see the backs of my eye lids, she was up again... this time it was because she was hungry & thirsty ~ while making her drink, she decided to hide from me.. (reminder this was about 1am) with a big loud BOOOO, she was no longer in hiding, but Daddy was AWAKE! And when I told her to whisper not to wake Daddy she replied "when I went to hide I closed his door so he wouldn't hear me".  lol smart lil cookie she is!   Back to bed she went, and back to bed I went.  A few minutes later she was crying, when returning to her room (1:30 am) she said her "kneebows" (her word for knees, guess she gets it from elbows??) were hurting because the fan made them cold... back to bed, Lyla!!  15 minutes later she was up again, this time she was sick!   So, I pulled out all my tricks and stole the tv set from Tate's room and put a movie on in her room... movie held her for maybe 20 minutes (just long enough for me to doze off).  The next attempt she succeeded, she was in bed with me.. she was snuggled into her happy spot~ rubbing my face and earlobe (strange I know but it's her safety blanket, so to say) and as we both were about to doze off, she says loudly.. "Momma someone is in your bathroom with a light!"  My heart sunk as I'm always scared of silly stuff like that.. but it was just your normal ghost, Tate testing out his new flashlight from Tractor Supply!   Oh, my... what a night!  Lyla ended up sleeping with us, Tate went back to bed and we were all snoozing by 3 am.  Note***Rob had to leave for work at 4:30 am.  ;)   Once we overcame the grumpiness that goes along with no sleep, we ate breakfast and did a little home-schooling.  We colored, did a few activity sheets and read a book with quiz to follow.  The kids enjoyed the schooling and then we were out to serve the livestock.  While the kids ran in the yard with the dogs, I cleaned the Hen house & Bunny hutch.  You should've seen my little chickens, just so happy to have some fresh new wood chips to scratch around in.  They were so sweet and thankful (Yes, it's confirmed I'm the strange "BIRD LADY" of the neighborhood;).
After our outdoor chores were complete, I tackled the living room.. flipping the couches upside down and cleaning every nook and cranny!  And for those who came to our house during the snow, you all know that was a big chore ;)  Looks lovely now and there's no one to see it lol.
After cleaning I had to hit the road for a lil' 'me' time.. called my best girls Jen & Casey and made plans to see both of them, if only for a few minutes each.  Jennifer and I sat in my truck talking girl talk and enjoying every second of it.. Casey and I rode to our location and took picture above.  Yep, that'd be my day.. simple yet so crazy, just the way I ordered it :)

Thanks to everyone who made my January 17, 2011 a great day!  Night Night**Praying for tonight not be a repeat of last night ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16/365 Candy and a sweet date:)

We started today off with Church service at Flat Branch, then a late lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.. yum yum!

After returning home I thought it'd be great to have a lil date with my Tater bug before he returns to school, so we headed out to get the Candy for the Valentine's shoot.  Pure torture for my lil lad... we ended up with bags and bags of candy~ now all I lack is the hundred balls of gum ;) So, here it is.. straight from my phone lol the image for 1.16.11,  :) Thank God for today.. it was a good one :)

Going to follow up with a few more images for today's post.. after all, what date with your son is complete without a stop at Tractor Supply?!!?!  A trip to Tractor Supply excites me just as much as it does Tate.  I'll say it again ~ TRACTOR SUPPLY IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE STORES.. sad, I know but it's the little things that make my heart a new Homestead Magazine or viewing the for sale board they have.. gotta find that pig we are looking for ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The start of my 365 photo challenge, missing some images as I started this a bit late ;)

Day 1 of 365.  Went today to pick up our new pooch.. she's a Chocolate Lab, we named Trigger.  She was a bit timid when we went to get her, bringing the name given by Tate.  He is currently learning about his hunting guns and said "Mom, we'll call her 'trigger' as we have to be careful with her, as we do with the trigger on my gun".   Isn't she a beauty. 
Day 2 of 365.  Church at Flat Branch.   Oh what a great day this was.  Our sweet family filled a whole pew at the sweet lil Flat Branch church on 1.2.11 Casey and I decided to get our family back into church and what better way to start the year than to just go and make it happen.  After Church we went to Aunt Debi's and enjoyed her wonderful Meat Loaf.  After our lunch we walked the property together.. trailing on trails I ran on as a child.  We swung from a tire swing that we played on as children.  Aunt Debi's house is the only place I can visit that is exactly the same as when I was a child.  I just love it & feel so at home there.  This day was truly a blessing!
Day 6 of 365.  After picking up Tate from School we met Daddy at the park for a fun time with Tate's RC Car.  We brought Trigger along for the fun, she did so great on the leash in public for the first time.   Though it was super cold, we had a great family day :) 

Day 7 of 365.  GOT MY FIDDLE :) Oh gosh, this was a great little day for me!  Casey and I journeyed into Atlanta to pick up a super cute lil' fiddle that I plan to play by the end of the year.  OH boy, I can't wait!

Day 8 of 365.  Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.. complete grouch!  After my hubby returned (fishing trip with my brother), I decided I needed to get outside and sweat a little to get out of the funk I was in.   So I talked the hubby into taking me to collect firewood.  

Oh boy did that do the trick!  I was in a perfect mood after only a few minutes in the woods.  
Nothing like it, perfect stress relief! 
Day 9 of 365  The Snow Storm of 2011 is upon us :) We spent the day my favorite way.. by cutting firewood.  I absolutely LOVE gathering firewood.. not sure why, but it is a great way to spend a day with family & productive at the same time.  Nolan and Casey journey with us over to The Withrow Family's home to clean up their fallen trees.  The Withrow Family is a perfect image of what people should be made of.. they spent their entire day helping us collect wood.  Cutting wood is not an easy job and not a job anyone would do just to help another person, but this family did help and never complained. Lending their day to a friend is not what makes them so special, it's the fact that they'd do it for anyone... they are just down home straight up, good people ~ through and through!   Huge THANKS to you guys.. your hard work didn't go unnoticed & I'll have a nice dinner brought to you soon ;) 

Day 10 of 365.  By the time we went to bed last night the snow was falling. When we woke the snow was so lush and thick.  First thing, I had to get Trigger out in the beautiful white blanket of snow and have her first little photo session. Her color stood out so vividly in the snow!

Afterwards we dressed the kiddos and headed out for our first big play in the snow.  Tate and had a great time with is friends & cousins sliding down our huge ice hill.   

Day 11 of 365.  SNOOOOW MUCH FUN!  This is the way the world should turn!  We spent the day living life to it's fullest.  My son was outside for 6.5 hours of non-stop play!  
We had a few friends over, and before we knew it we were surrounded by neighbors.  After the group started to grow we decided to have a open fire out by the road for us all to gather around.. well that quickly turned into a hotdog roasting!  We had neighbors bringing hot Apple Cider, Homemade Chili, Cookies, Drinks, More hotdogs, etc.  We had dinner outside over open fire with multiple families.   The memories we made on the corner of our property is rare and treasured by us all.  I haven't had a day as good as 1.11.11 in a LONG time, thanks to all who came and made our day in the snow a day to remember! 
Here are few of the people at our get together.. 

Well this is how I spent 1.12.11 nice and toasty outside for 5+hours watching my children, my cousins and neighbors sled the mighty hill in front of our house!  

Day 14/365... GIRLS DAY OUT!!!

So what if we have turned into old ladies and a trip to Dalton excites us until our bellies are filled with fluffy pink butterflies dancing around?!?!?  All I have to say is this was a picture of happiness... Casey walking up the iced over hill just to make it to our girl's evening out!  Yes, this image is blurry & yes she is going to kill me for posting it.. but who cares!  It shows so much in this one image.. it shows that we were snowed in for days away from each other.. that we both drink Coke as if it were the last thing on earth & that we were both over joyed to see each other & get out of our houses!  Casey and I enjoyed our lil ride over the mountain.. she's about the only person I can ride with and not once reach for the radio :)   The two of us are like two peas in a pod!  All I have to say about our ride, is that our wheels were turning and we have some mega cool photo days in the works :)   Thanks for reading my blog & checking out what 1.14.11 held for me :)