Sunday, January 23, 2011

21 & 22/365 SLUMBER PARTY!

Today was the day I've waiting for... over the last 3 years I've talked of doing a Candy photo shoot for kids and adults.  Today was the day we were setting up the Candy photo day in a super old house in downtown Ellijay.  Once arriving at the house we realized the heat didn't work.. so we were off to find a source of heat!  We ended up relying on a good friend, and she came through once again!  We had heat.. but now to light the heaters... remind you, it was Casey and I alone trying to complete this task!  So, we went to Walmart and finished buying the last minute candy and props we needed, then we had to photograph a basketball team, then we went back to the house to set up the heaters.  After realizing we needed a wrench to tighten the threads we were back on the road to the BP, returned back with the wrench only to find it was too small.  We were both certain of two things.. we were going to get the heat fixed and were NOT going back into Walmart!  So, living in the sweetest small town around we were able to find a cop parked with a wrench in his car.. fixed our problem!  (and this sweet cop will have his niceness returned with a yummy pound cake!)  So, at 1:30 am we had our heat going and set up our beds in the house that is older than you and I put together.  

Set up time!  @ 2am.  

Set complete by 3:15am.

Day 22, work day.. Final Product ~ well worth the time invested!

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