Monday, January 24, 2011

23/265 Taking the long road to get to where I'm going ;)

So today is Sunday (day 23) and we had all plans of trying a new church out this week...but then came Rob's out of town trip to Illinois and I still had to take all the decor down from our shoot.  So, without having his help with the kiddos on Monday.. I had to do it today.  I told the kiddos to get dressed and we were going to a candy shop where they could eat whatever they wanted... oh how they loved that!  I was able to bribe Lyla enough to get a few shots of her before we took it all down ;)  

After finishing up there, Casey and I went to return the heaters we had borrowed for the shoot.  Which belonged at the Pink Pig in Cherry Log.  Well if you know us, that is an all day task ;) We went the long way to Blue Ridge.. heading out Big Creek and stopped a few times along the way!  We just can't pass up a falling down house, we have to explore!  Which leads us back to the photo of the day...  Sweet Tea in hand ~ we take the long road to get to where we are going :) 

Happy Sunday to all!  We'll see you in church next week.

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