Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18/365 It's okay to cry..

 As I always do when I'm alone before picking Tate up from school, I journeyed to see my dear friend, Kerri.  I always try to make it a happy trip, a trip to show her that I love her and to remember the life she lived and still lives from within each of us.  I always leave her with a smile and after my first few visits spent crying for her, I vowed not to cry about the loss of such a wonderful person.. but to be happy for her, as she is living on high in the place we are working toward going.  Today, I visited her with the same mind set, but with tomorrow being 3 years she has been gone, I wasn't as strong.  Kerri's angel headstone seemed to say it's okay to cry.   Although I know it's sad lil post today, I feel it is in order ~ To let us all know that it's okay to cry.  I will however start tomorrow as a day of celebration, as it is the 3 year mark that our sweet Kerri has had her wings!  
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The final image was taken of our happy little town covered in rain.  This is the place we call home.  The place where everyone knows you by name.  The place I was born and raised and will raise my children. 

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Anonymous said...

again, you are a delight....It is so very Okay to cry sometimes certain songs spark up a memory of my dear friend Frankie. I cannot believe this August will be 2yrs since his sudden death. We always hold them very special in our heart. Thank you for posting this and I'm so sorry that your friend is gone. We always stay loyal to them forever & ever..... with much love Laura~*