Friday, January 14, 2011

The start of my 365 photo challenge, missing some images as I started this a bit late ;)

Day 1 of 365.  Went today to pick up our new pooch.. she's a Chocolate Lab, we named Trigger.  She was a bit timid when we went to get her, bringing the name given by Tate.  He is currently learning about his hunting guns and said "Mom, we'll call her 'trigger' as we have to be careful with her, as we do with the trigger on my gun".   Isn't she a beauty. 
Day 2 of 365.  Church at Flat Branch.   Oh what a great day this was.  Our sweet family filled a whole pew at the sweet lil Flat Branch church on 1.2.11 Casey and I decided to get our family back into church and what better way to start the year than to just go and make it happen.  After Church we went to Aunt Debi's and enjoyed her wonderful Meat Loaf.  After our lunch we walked the property together.. trailing on trails I ran on as a child.  We swung from a tire swing that we played on as children.  Aunt Debi's house is the only place I can visit that is exactly the same as when I was a child.  I just love it & feel so at home there.  This day was truly a blessing!
Day 6 of 365.  After picking up Tate from School we met Daddy at the park for a fun time with Tate's RC Car.  We brought Trigger along for the fun, she did so great on the leash in public for the first time.   Though it was super cold, we had a great family day :) 

Day 7 of 365.  GOT MY FIDDLE :) Oh gosh, this was a great little day for me!  Casey and I journeyed into Atlanta to pick up a super cute lil' fiddle that I plan to play by the end of the year.  OH boy, I can't wait!

Day 8 of 365.  Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.. complete grouch!  After my hubby returned (fishing trip with my brother), I decided I needed to get outside and sweat a little to get out of the funk I was in.   So I talked the hubby into taking me to collect firewood.  

Oh boy did that do the trick!  I was in a perfect mood after only a few minutes in the woods.  
Nothing like it, perfect stress relief! 
Day 9 of 365  The Snow Storm of 2011 is upon us :) We spent the day my favorite way.. by cutting firewood.  I absolutely LOVE gathering firewood.. not sure why, but it is a great way to spend a day with family & productive at the same time.  Nolan and Casey journey with us over to The Withrow Family's home to clean up their fallen trees.  The Withrow Family is a perfect image of what people should be made of.. they spent their entire day helping us collect wood.  Cutting wood is not an easy job and not a job anyone would do just to help another person, but this family did help and never complained. Lending their day to a friend is not what makes them so special, it's the fact that they'd do it for anyone... they are just down home straight up, good people ~ through and through!   Huge THANKS to you guys.. your hard work didn't go unnoticed & I'll have a nice dinner brought to you soon ;) 

Day 10 of 365.  By the time we went to bed last night the snow was falling. When we woke the snow was so lush and thick.  First thing, I had to get Trigger out in the beautiful white blanket of snow and have her first little photo session. Her color stood out so vividly in the snow!

Afterwards we dressed the kiddos and headed out for our first big play in the snow.  Tate and had a great time with is friends & cousins sliding down our huge ice hill.   

Day 11 of 365.  SNOOOOW MUCH FUN!  This is the way the world should turn!  We spent the day living life to it's fullest.  My son was outside for 6.5 hours of non-stop play!  
We had a few friends over, and before we knew it we were surrounded by neighbors.  After the group started to grow we decided to have a open fire out by the road for us all to gather around.. well that quickly turned into a hotdog roasting!  We had neighbors bringing hot Apple Cider, Homemade Chili, Cookies, Drinks, More hotdogs, etc.  We had dinner outside over open fire with multiple families.   The memories we made on the corner of our property is rare and treasured by us all.  I haven't had a day as good as 1.11.11 in a LONG time, thanks to all who came and made our day in the snow a day to remember! 
Here are few of the people at our get together.. 

Well this is how I spent 1.12.11 nice and toasty outside for 5+hours watching my children, my cousins and neighbors sled the mighty hill in front of our house!  

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