Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14/365... GIRLS DAY OUT!!!

So what if we have turned into old ladies and a trip to Dalton excites us until our bellies are filled with fluffy pink butterflies dancing around?!?!?  All I have to say is this was a picture of happiness... Casey walking up the iced over hill just to make it to our girl's evening out!  Yes, this image is blurry & yes she is going to kill me for posting it.. but who cares!  It shows so much in this one image.. it shows that we were snowed in for days away from each other.. that we both drink Coke as if it were the last thing on earth & that we were both over joyed to see each other & get out of our houses!  Casey and I enjoyed our lil ride over the mountain.. she's about the only person I can ride with and not once reach for the radio :)   The two of us are like two peas in a pod!  All I have to say about our ride, is that our wheels were turning and we have some mega cool photo days in the works :)   Thanks for reading my blog & checking out what 1.14.11 held for me :)

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