Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26/365 Meet our little MoeZelle

MoeZelle wasn't a purchase we thought we'd make today, though I just couldn't leave her once I saw her.  Isn't she perfect for us!?!?!
So here is the story behind today's adventure...

We have a sick lil boy in our house, though Tate is shaking his cold somewhat he has just been down right rotten feeling this week.  So we tried to cheer him up with a bunny the other day, that worked but he needed out of the house today, so we went to rest up at Nana's.  I thought it'd be a great idea to bring one of my extra Rooster to Nana and get her lil farm going.. so we loaded him up & drove over the hill and through the woods.. As Tate was resting with Nana at his begging call, I decided I'd go find a Hen to go with Nana's Rooster... which lead me to MoeZelle.  I pulled up at a cute lil farm in Chatsworth to pick up the hen and was curious as to what was making that crying sound?!?!  Well it was a group of cute lil Pygmy Goats.. and I was in love :) So, I bargained a deal and had the owner throw the chicken in for free if I took a Goat with me.  **This is the part where I should note that I'm a split decision maker & rarely call my hubby to consult before bringing home a living animal**  With hen & Goat loaded up I waved good-bye to the farmer & promised to be back for a pot belly pig soon ;)

When I returned to my mom's house the kids knew nothing of MoeZelle.. they were so excited when they did see her!  We've wanted a lil goat for months now & I'm so happy to welcome lil MoeZelle into our home.

Where did the name MoeZelle come from???  MoeZelle was a lady who lived down the dirt road from us, from my childhood.  I was between the age of 1-9 when I knew MoeZelle.  The thing that stuck out the most about MoeZelle was that she gardened in her bra!  She was a hoot & probably someone I would've loved to know as an adult.  She just didn't care, she was herself no matter what others thought. She knew she was going to be pulling weeds from her garden in the hot summer sun & wanted to do it in her bra, so she did!  And just for a visual, she was not a little lady.. lol  Power to MoeZelle, you made an impact on my life :)  RIP.

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