Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 13 of 365 Snowed in and paint on hand :)

With the weather still frigid I found myself baking cookies today and wondering what I could possibly get into...well my gallon of white paint was staring at me, just begging to be used!  So, I tackled a huge chore I have been wanting done, but didn't want to do....MY STAIRCASE.   When we purchased this house and laid the new hardwood floors down, I stated that I didn't care if any of the wood matched that I'd redo all the other wood, but I wanted old time narrow planked dark wood floors.  So, here we are a year later and my staircase is finally getting it's update :)  After staining my kitchen cabinets I knew the staircase would also need the antiqued glaze and I also wanted a quote going up the stairs.. so this is what I've done ALLLLLL day long on 1.13.11

These photos were taken with my phone.. coloring is way off, but we all get the idea ;)
Antique glaze on hand rail :0)  Nothing makes me happier!

Quote will say "So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land."  Peter Pan. 

This stairway isn't just a set of steps to me.... seems crazy I know, but this staircase is the path my children take each and every morning as they come to wake me from my bed.  This staircase is also the same hike they take each night to have their bedtime story read.  When my children are in trouble, this staircase is their time out from the world.   When Santa visits them each year this is the stairs they run down with sleepy still in their eyes to view their big Tree.  This staircase will also be the one my children walk down on their way to Prom, or the one they run up when they have no other place to go.   So, this is why this project is so important to me.. I want to make these steps just as much part of our home as my family room is.  Thanks to all of you sweet girls who helped me with the perfect quote! I'll post a picture of the finished project just as soon as I get it complete :) 


Tabitha W. said...

looking good! do you put some type of sealer on top of the paint? i am going to do our bathroom and kitchen cabinets when we get income tax return and wondered how you keep it from chipping?

Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful~ Keep up the Awesome projects you always bring sunshine my way so thank you~

. said...

yes, I will put a clear coat of poly over this to protect and be able to clean easily :) with my cabinets I didn't do anything over them.. I was simply burnt out by the time it came down to putting a finishing coat.. but they have held up just fine ;) Can't wait to see whatcha come up with :)

Thanks Laura, you are just a super sweetie!