Sunday, January 30, 2011

30/365 Oh the sweet sound of a chainsaw..

It is one of my favorite things to hear!  Why do I love the sound so much?  The sounds of the chainsaw humming means we are together as a family, we are outside enjoying the beautiful wooded land, we are planning to heat our home by our hard day's work.  

After Church we came home and changed clothing, fed the livestock, and packed a sandwich... and we were off!  The kids enjoyed their ride through the logging road in the back of the truck.. I sat back there with em' and was able to hear "Gosh, Lyla this day is fun!"  If you ask me, that's the sweetest words, especially when we are doing something so simple... our day together didn't cost a penny, didn't involve a television set, and we were together ALL day.  While splitting wood I look over and see my kids with a HUGE tree limb (atleast 5ft long) and they had a log turned over making a seesaw.  This is what happens when you turn your children loose in nature.. they use their imaginations and find things to play.  

There are times while we are out in the woods working that my husband stops what he is doing for a split second and smiles up at me as I lug the wood to the truck.  We have this unspoken moment that lets me know that he too loves these moments just as much I do.  If someone were to ask me if I'd rather go out to dinner with my husband or cut firewood with him, I'd throw my boots on & head to the woods!  We are a team while we are out there, and never forget to HIGH FIVE at the end of our job, well done. :)

I am thankful for today, it was a beautiful day at 63 degrees in late January spent with family.  I wouldn't trade today for nothing else in this world.  

And here is the image for the 365 day challenge... what does this image have to do with anything?!?!  Well, it shows that I brought my camera with me.. but forgot to get the battery off the charger ;)  It was meant to be, as there is no possible way to capture today with a camera or any other device, today was just one of those days you'd have to have been here.. it was one of the sweetest days!

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