Tuesday, January 18, 2011

17/365 WORK DAY!

Not much to be said about today.. but here's the picture ;) 
Ha, just kidding.. Did we really think that I could post a picture and not blab about it until I've ended up telling 4 stories in one?!?!  lol  
So you are asking.. what kinda picture is this from a Photographer??  Well this is an image snapped through my windshield while confirming our building rental for the weekend's shoot.  ;) That's right.. we'll be set up in town this Saturday for our Valentine Shoot & can't wait for the outcome.   So, today was a work day ~ we went to double check that everything was set in place and ready to go for this weekend & then it was home to write up directions and detailed email for our weekend's clients.

Back to the start of our day.. we began this day super sleepy.. thanks to little Lyla and our pot belly stove!  Just as I was about to settle into bed (12:30am late work night) my ears hear the little sound of pitter patters across the floor... it was Lyla she had come down stairs to tell me she was HOT.  After turning on her fan and kissing her head I went to bed.  Just as I was about to see the backs of my eye lids, she was up again... this time it was because she was hungry & thirsty ~ while making her drink, she decided to hide from me.. (reminder this was about 1am) with a big loud BOOOO, she was no longer in hiding, but Daddy was AWAKE! And when I told her to whisper not to wake Daddy she replied "when I went to hide I closed his door so he wouldn't hear me".  lol smart lil cookie she is!   Back to bed she went, and back to bed I went.  A few minutes later she was crying, when returning to her room (1:30 am) she said her "kneebows" (her word for knees, guess she gets it from elbows??) were hurting because the fan made them cold... back to bed, Lyla!!  15 minutes later she was up again, this time she was sick!   So, I pulled out all my tricks and stole the tv set from Tate's room and put a movie on in her room... movie held her for maybe 20 minutes (just long enough for me to doze off).  The next attempt she succeeded, she was in bed with me.. she was snuggled into her happy spot~ rubbing my face and earlobe (strange I know but it's her safety blanket, so to say) and as we both were about to doze off, she says loudly.. "Momma someone is in your bathroom with a light!"  My heart sunk as I'm always scared of silly stuff like that.. but it was just your normal ghost, Tate testing out his new flashlight from Tractor Supply!   Oh, my... what a night!  Lyla ended up sleeping with us, Tate went back to bed and we were all snoozing by 3 am.  Note***Rob had to leave for work at 4:30 am.  ;)   Once we overcame the grumpiness that goes along with no sleep, we ate breakfast and did a little home-schooling.  We colored, did a few activity sheets and read a book with quiz to follow.  The kids enjoyed the schooling and then we were out to serve the livestock.  While the kids ran in the yard with the dogs, I cleaned the Hen house & Bunny hutch.  You should've seen my little chickens, just so happy to have some fresh new wood chips to scratch around in.  They were so sweet and thankful (Yes, it's confirmed I'm the strange "BIRD LADY" of the neighborhood;).
After our outdoor chores were complete, I tackled the living room.. flipping the couches upside down and cleaning every nook and cranny!  And for those who came to our house during the snow, you all know that was a big chore ;)  Looks lovely now and there's no one to see it lol.
After cleaning I had to hit the road for a lil' 'me' time.. called my best girls Jen & Casey and made plans to see both of them, if only for a few minutes each.  Jennifer and I sat in my truck talking girl talk and enjoying every second of it.. Casey and I rode to our location and took picture above.  Yep, that'd be my day.. simple yet so crazy, just the way I ordered it :)

Thanks to everyone who made my January 17, 2011 a great day!  Night Night**Praying for tonight not be a repeat of last night ;)

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