Saturday, January 29, 2011

29/365 Feels a lot like Spring in late January!

Oh my, today was nice!  We've sure enjoyed this snowy weather but today was much needed.  We spent the entire day OUTSIDE, and enjoyed our 63degree weather.  We started our day in the hen yard.  I rocked our sweet lil pygmy goat to sleep, added salt licks for our bunnies, and cleaned the coop a bit.  Afterwards Rob got an itching for the the grill to be fired up!  We set off to town to pick up some steaks. We made a quick stop by the park for the kids to catch some scooter time.

Once we finished with our park adventure we picked up steaks at Ingles and returned home.  As Rob grilled the steaks Tate and I practiced his skills on the 4-wheeler.  I had to bribe him with his rabbit knife, telling him that if he'd just try to drive it with Mommy he could have a new knife I'd picked up for him.  That is all it took, he over came his fear of the size of 4-wheeler and just kept it in 1st gear and did great! I rode with him for a long while while he did it all, then he decided to try for himself... by dinner time he knew how to reverse under the garage area and hook the wood trailer.  He hauled the trailer full of wood to the porch, unloaded it & returned it to the garage.  Such a big boy he is growing to be.  So proud of my big boy!  

Tate.. you look like such a small lil' lad here.  Please stay this little for a while... gosh what am I saying, you are growing big & I'm thankful and proud of you ~ keep sprouting into the man you will become!

While I was talking to the neighbor, Tate decides to turn the 4-wheeler around on his own.. he did sooo good :)

And this last image is the result of Momma saying "let's go inside to eat dinner".  Poor lil turkey just loves to play outside!  Gotta add, I love her dirty, ripped up knees ;)

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