Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh my, what a day....

it is hard to believe that one little day I can do so much!  (especially running on as little as 3.5 hours of sleep)

It's almost 5pm now & I've been up and at em' since 6am (with a bedtime last night of 2:30am..due to work).   We started our day off by taking Tater bug to school.  And on our way back Lyla says to me "Mom that cloud is a boot."  I agreed and believe it or not, it was in a perfect shape of a boot, then she continues her sentence with "Nah, it really is a Snail carrying a boot."  Hee, hee.. she is such a mess & even at 7:45am.

Once Ly and I returned home I started in on some much needed laundry, when all of the sudden I remember the Homing Pigeon we were keeping safe.. he had to be set loose at 7:30 ~ oops!  So, we freed the pigeon, who story I will tell at the end of this post.  Well we only thought we freed him.. he kept coming back!  Finally I went inside & forgot about it all, thinking he'd leave.  Then my sweet Gal, Casey came by to pick up some clothing, etc.  I told her of my game plan to tackle the laundry room today & then get a nap with Lyla.  (yeah right.. that was a joke)  Instead we were drawn outside by our neighbor, John who was bringing me a really pretty vine to wonder up the bunny fencing.  So, that meant I needed to plant it.. so forgetting the laundry, I started digging.  That chore brought on the chore of letting the chickens roam.. and now days that is not an easy task.  I have to guard them from sooo many predators, so I can't leave them for a minute!  While watching them, I thought well let's multitask & get the bunny fence complete.. Getting my wire cutters & wire I got busy!  Lyla brought all three bunnies into the run & they played their little hearts out.  After maybe 10 minutes of playing the bunnies created another job for me.. they were able to slip through the fencing.. so, I set to fix it!  Meanwhile, the chickens are in the garden pecking around.. and what do I see ~ the darn Homing Pigeon.. he's back & perched on the porch!  So, I pretend he isn't there & continue with my work.  A few minute later I hear the chickens going crazy and I start running to see what the cackle is about ~ only to find a huge hawk circling the sky waiting for the perfect moment.  So without thinking I grab the water hose (which is always my weapon against animals) and go to spraying & screaming toward the sky!  Well I'm gonna blame it on lack of sleep, but what goes up must come down.. and I'm now soaking wet!  I do have to say that I would pay to be my neighbor.. I'd prop a nice comfy chair at the edge of the property line & just wait.. knowing there'd soon be a show ;)
So, by the time I get the hawk away, the chickens back to the coop, the bunnies back to their hutch, myself changed, Lyla cleaned from the dirt mound she seemed to roll in, and the homing pigeon safely back to his cage it is time to hit the road to get Tate again!  So, what did I get done during this oh so productive day... not a thing!   I just love how I can spend all day going in circles trying to get one thing done & end up doing a million things and nothing at all ;)  

Homing Pigeon:  She's our gal, named Sal.  ;)   The story of Sal is kinda crazy.  As Rob was cooking on the grill he noticed a sweet little pigeon walking into the screened porch.... noticing her tagged foot he caught her so she could be returned home.  The owners told us to give her food & water for several days & release her at 7:30 am and she would make the 500 mile flight back home.   Sal had other plans, she chose us.. we released her & she just wouldn't leave.  The known fact about pigeons is that it can take several years to re-home them.. and sometimes you never can!  So, with that known we opened our home to Sal, she likes it here so why make her leave.  We enjoy watching her fly around the yard during the day & at night she fly back to her lil home.  Pictured is our gal, Sal.