Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two things I love chidren & photography

I decided awhile back that I would stop taking pics of my Tater in front of the backdrop with prop etc. because he hated it & wouldn't sit still~ it normally turned out with me frustrated & then later when looking back at the pics I didn't like them, because it wasn't a great memory & after all that is what photography is all about. So I had an open mind that I would do a FUN photoshoot with the kids. I went into the photoshoot with the idea of not caring so much about the set up & really trying to have fun with whatever the kiddos did. After telling Tate that my camera made me sneeze when I put my face to it, he couldn't stop laughing! We had a great time & the pictures are more of what I love, because although they are somewhat posed I love the memory behind them~ it was a fun time with a great mixture of two things I love children & photography! (Mix Rob in there somewhere & I'd be on cloud nine! Speaking of, we are going to do our family pics soon:) So here are a few pics from the time we spent together laughing & getting sugar highs:)

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