Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yummy Yummy in my tum tum tummy!

Lyla had her first bite of food~bananas and she loved them! She was smacking her lil lips just waiting for the next bite! I am so excited about her eating....I made all of Tate's food homemade & loved it. I can't wait to make all the yummy food for her. Tate's favorite was peas, (not that he would touch them with a ten foot pole now), but I can't wait to see what Lyla loves the most. It is just so rewarding breastfeeding her and knowing that she has grown all because of me. It is also rewarding making her food, as she gets alittle older I will be able to add things like wheat germ, Brewers yeast and other wonderful additives so that she is getting great nutrition in her every meal. I also love the fact that I save like 75% of what jarred foods cost. The nutrition and savings are wonderful & I'm so thankful I'm able to give my baby the very best~with that said here is her first lil feeding! Next week will be Avocados!

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