Wednesday, February 16, 2011

45/365 Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish everyday was Valentine's Day.. maybe I need to add this to my "change" list.  I have a large list started which keeps getting longer! So consider it done, I'm gonna act as if it is Valentine's day everyday!  After all, that is what we were made to do.. love and be loved.  I plan to take an extra effort to show those who I love that I love them without end!  I'll add sweet little notes around the house for my honey to find.. I'll make heart shaped pancakes for my children & squeeze their cheeks till they are filled with every ounce of my lovin'.  

So, though I enjoyed 'Valentine's Day' this year, as I do every year.. I'm not one who is crazy about setting a date to show our love for one another, I think we should let it shine all year through.  

For Valentine's Day 2011 Lyla and I journeyed to Tate's Classroom for a sweet little party.  We enjoyed watching Tate hand out his Valentine cards and receive cards/candy from his friends.  I will tell the truth, my favorite part of the party was the chocolate fountain.. I could've covered a million and one strawberries in chocolate and eaten every one of them ~ YUMMMMY!  

Tate is such a little sweetie.. he truly loved each and every card he received today!  As we were riding home, he was asked to share a girly card with his sister.. he started to hand one over and thought about it with a reply of "but Mom, I know there are some girly ones, but someone thought they'd give it to me as a gift and I want to keep it".  Though he didn't share with his sister, he did show that he knows the meaning behind a gift... it's not about what the gift is, it's the thought behind it that counts :) 

And lets not forget my hubby.. he walked through the doors with a beautiful arrangement of flowers for his lil ole' wife.  And I greeted him with a loving hug and super sweet card :) I love you babe ~ Happy Valentine's day!

Thanks for today, my sweet little family :)

1 John 4:16 

16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.
   God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

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