Wednesday, February 16, 2011

46/365 SPRING is coming.... dirt road riding is gearing up!

Once Rob returned from work it was time to pick up Trigger from the Vet's office.. Casey and I got the flicker in our eyes and knew we would have to take the long road around ;)  We started 7 miles from town at my house and it took us over 1 hour to reach town.. we had to take a lil peek at our dusty dirt road!  As we were driving I spotted an old house we had yet to explore.. we ditched the truck directly and went to searching for any and everything cool :) 

 And then came the shed.... Above image is me, trying to figure out what kinda creature lived in this shed & hoping it wasn't about to jump out at me!  Here is the animal's nest.... 
 When we noticed a hole in the nest.. we had to see in it!  After countless cheerleading stunts.. we both had a wee lil peek ~ just enough to tease us.  We started looking around for something to stand on, when Casey noticed the toilet.  She said "hey we could stand on that toilet!"  I laughed and ask her if she knew how heavy toilets are??!?!  She replied "Well heck, it's only half a toilet!"  Hee hee.. I love the way she thinks :)  
 We didn't end up moving the half toilet to stand on.. we resorted back to cheerleading talent (Please note, Casey was not ever, ever, ever a cheerleader!)  lol  but we figured out a way to get her up there.. 
I can't wait for another summer of dirt road riding, exploring, drinking Super Sweet Tea & living this life up!  Stay warm, weather.. I'm loving you!


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Maranda said...

Oh, Nichol...this entry just made my soul smile! I have SO been loving this weather and haven't gotten to enjoy nearly enough between work and school, but these next few days, I am going to soak up some sunshine. Thanks for sharing these pics; they brought on a big ol' sigh that I sure did need after working until 10:10 tonight! Hugs!