Sunday, February 13, 2011

40/365 Dentist/Stomach Bug

Needless to say.. today didn't get a picture!  I was at the dentist at 8am (with both kids) and didn't even think to bring my camera.. I mean it's not like I was overloaded with stress of the dentist and two children or anything ;)

Dentist went well.. we had both children's teeth cleaned & they both did wonderful!  Being Lyla's first time, she had a few tear drops hit her cheeks but they were soon gone with the promise of Target Toy directly after we left... so once we left, you guessed it.. we headed to Target!  The kids had a quick trip through the toys, as the stomach bug hit both myself and Lyla all at once!  The remaining portion of the day was spent laying on the couch, covered by countless blankets due to our fevers and countless trips to the bathroom.. not a cool virus at all!  Want to get detailed?!?!?  I must say I can't normally clean up my children's throw up very well, but have you ever tried to clean it up while you, yourself is sick as a dog?!?!  It really doesn't work out so great...resulting in double the mess!


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