Monday, February 28, 2011

55/365 Canning Brownies/cakes ~ easy peasy, cotton-sneezy!

Yes, I said canning sweets!  So, guess what that means.. brownies at your fingertips all year long!  The canned sweetness lasts for up to 3 years!  We weren't able to let them sit for longer than a week, but they were just as good a week later, as the day we baked them :) 

So, here's the steps:

For the sake of easiness, I'll use directions for a boxed brownie mix.. you can use homemade recipes for pound cake, choc. cake, brownies, carrot cake, etc.

 Preheat your oven to 350 ~ Mix your Brownies as directed on box (or recipe).  Spray WIDE MOUTH Mason Jars with non-stick spray or oil & lightly flour. (must use midemouth jars so you can remove brownie or cake once baked)  Pour mixture 3/4 way full in mason jar.  Put filled mason jars on baking dish.. wipe all rims of jar.  Bake as directed (make sure to check smaller jars often, as they will bake faster).  Once the brownies are almost done, warm your Mason jar lids on stove top.. do not boil lids.  Remove jars from oven and wipe rim of jar.  Place lid on jar, then place ring on jar (finger tight..don't over tighten).  Flip mason jar upside down so heat falls to lid.  Leave untouched until jar is completely cooled.  This will seal your lids and presto ~ you have canned your first treats!  

We use small Jelly Jars as they make great two person snacks.
With Brownies you can cut the roll into slices and pack in child's lunch ~ fresh brownies all week :)
If cake or brownies rise above mason jar, try to push it down a bit before applying lid.. or you can cut the tops off with knife. 
With Pound Cake, make your icing and drizzle on tops before sealing.. with spoon, move edges so that the icing can flow to bottom also :) 
With Brownies, under cook just a bit for a moist gooey brownie :)


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