Monday, February 21, 2011

51/365 My favorite day of the week.. SUNDAY!

 Sunday, you are my favorite day of the week.  It's the one day we are able to actually slow down and enjoy our lives we've made together.  Sunday is the day we spend our mornings thanking the Lord for all we've been given and our afternoons living the life He's blessed us with.  

Lyla and I attended church without the boys this morning, as they were making the long drive home from hunting.  Directly after returning home, Lyla had to have play time with the animals.  She was set out to catch Banana Peel (the grey bunny).  The plan didn't work out so well as you can see below ;) 

Casey came home with us from church to catch up on school work, while Nolan worked in the woodshed.  Lyla and I spent the next couple of hours out in the hen yard playing with the animals and mending the wire.  Then it was time for our boys to get home.. I yelled for Casey to grab the camera and I ran for Rob's surprise!  And boy was he excited!  Rob has been playing around on Nolan's Banjo for the last few weeks and has been dreaming of owning one.  Well being the good wife that I am, I found one for sale while he was gone :) 

Tate was so excited to show me his nasty stinky rabbit foot.. he said "Hey Mom, close your eyes & hold out your hand!"  I knew what was coming but did it anyway ;) 
And in this next photo he is showing me the blood on the blade ;) it was the first time he was able to use his skinning knife!
Lyla did well, she didn't have any hard feelings towards the boys killing a bunny... they planned to cook it for dinner ~yuck!
And seeing as rabbit was for dinner, Casey and I decided we'd hit the dirt roads and find out what was living in that crazy nest we found!  We were equipped with a chair to stand on and a flash light this time ;) 
We still weren't able to tell what it was?!?!

All in all this was a great Sunday at the Engle's house.. family time, The Good Lord, dirt road riding, sweet tea.. I think today was perfect!

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