Sunday, February 13, 2011

41/365 The farm life doesn't stop because you are sick!

So, as I mentioned in a few posts back... we have new hens!  Well here are a few pics of them, sweet as can be huh???

Well the next image isn't so sweet.. along with these beautiful hens came 'Pepper'.  Upon picking her up, the owner said she'd be de-feathered by a group of Roosters.. not the case at all!  She actually has MITES!  So, after reading up on the mites I learned that my whole flock could get a bad case of mites!  Oh no, not my hen house.. so with stomach bug and all, I decided to powder down all my chickens!  I called up my right hand wo-man, Casey (who too had a bad stomach bug) and we set off to Tractor Supply.  We bought all the doctoring aids we needed to nurse her back to health and prevent my flock from mites.. After catching each chicken and dusting them it was dark before we were finished.. but the job is done!  Oh my, when I took on this job of raising livestock I didn't know I'd be out in the hen house all day while having a stomach virus, dusting chickens!  I have to say, it's well worth it all & I'd do it all over again.. but today was a super long day! 
Thanks 'Pepper' for getting Casey and I out of the house & working.. it may have sweated this cold right out of us!

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