Thursday, February 10, 2011

37/365 I need new boots!

I've been saying this for months.. and since I just bought a sweet new pair of cowboy boots I've not been aloud to purchase boots to wear to cut wood.. just been using my old cowboy boots or rainboots.  Well for those of you who haven't walked in the woods in cowboy boots it's almost impossible!  Where is all this rooting from??  Well today after Church we decided we'd stack firewood.   While stacking I twisted my ankle sooo bad that I was unable to walk!  Once Rob saw the pain I was in, he is now convinced that I need new work boots ;)  These are the ones I'm thinking of..

Secondly, today is the day we decided to go ORGANIC!  We'll be buying a meat cow in June, will be raising our own meat chickens, and will double/triple the size of our garden.  One day I hope to have fruit trees, blackberry bushes, blueberry bushes, etc.  My goal is to only rely on the grocery store for small things & the things we do buy will be all organic.  If you wonder why this has came about, just watch the movie  FOOD INC.  This was what has pushed me into this change, though this change was coming anyway I was shocked at what I was feeding myself and my family!  Please watch this movie and make a change, even if it's a small one.

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gibson_shauna said...

I agree Nichol. I watched that movie and couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing.