Tuesday, February 15, 2011

42&43/365 WHOOOP WHOOOP ~ Kid free weekend with my honey pie :)

Oh what fun Rob and I had.. pickin' and grinnin'.  We are both trying to learn a lil bluegrass so after our relaxing dinner at Annie's in Jasper we came home to sit together and do some BlueGrass 101.   Rob is doing great on the banjo & I am doing horrible on the fiddle ;)  I do have to say that I picked the banjo up for a few minutes and LOVED it & was able to actually make something sound half way decent with it's strings :)  The fiddle is my task at hand though & I am going to strive toward mastering it!  

If you've been following my blog you will know that I said "I'd rather spend a day in the woods with my hubby than sitting at a fine restaurant.. so when I was asked how I wanted to spend our Saturday together.. I grabbed my gloves & in return he grabbed his chain saw :)   We spent most of the day in the woods with the sun peeking through the trees to shine on us as we collected fire wood.  We'd stop from time to time to sit on a stump and talk.. just simple moments, but moments I love!  Around lunch I ran out to pick up some new chickens, yes we now have 4 new chickens!  

oh, and remember the boots I wanted ;) well I may have talked Rob into a quick trip to tractor supply to claim them ~ tee hee hee.

02.11.11 - 02.12.11

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