Monday, February 21, 2011

48/2011 Another year around the sun.

Happy Birthday, Momma!  2.17.11

Today we spent the day cleaning out the hen house & ramblin' around the yard working on the clothes line set up, etc. 

Once we finished the yard work, we picked Tater up from school and went to Jennifer's house to swap out some chickens :)  We took a rooster to her & ended up snagging a rooster and two hens for Momma's birthday ;) Yes, you might be a redneck if you give chickens as a gift..  but then again, you don't know my momma!  She LOVED them!  Casey and I ran the chickens to her house and planned to drop them there for her to find after she returned from work.  We tied balloons to the gate & placed flowers there too.  Well we got caught.. she drove up as we were getting everything set up, and she was thrilled :) Wish I could've gotten a picture of her beautiful chickens but we were moving fast in order to get them to her house before night fall aka roosting time ;)  So, Happy Birthday to my Mom.. next year we'll buy you a pig!  lol

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