Saturday, February 5, 2011

31/365 First birth at Engle Farm

 Today we found a pile of hair in the corner of the Hen House.  I didn't first thought that something might have happened to our bunny, as it was bunny hair.  I left to take Tate to school without looking further.  As I was gone I remember reading that Rabbits will pull the hair from their stomach area to make a nest upon delivery of their young.  As Casey and I returned to the Hen house to feed and water the animals we looked at the hair ball and found 5 tiny lil babies inside.  

As Casey and I stood in amazement, we debated if we should bring them inside or leave them for the mother to care for where they sat.  I wish we'd have let them stay as they were, but as we stood there MoZelle (the pygmy goat) ran through and came within inches of the nest.. we directly brought them inside.  We also brought Momma Bunny inside and made a soft lil place for the sweet babies to rest.  I went directly online and read up on handling and care for the babies.  Little Lyla loved every second of the nest fixing.. she was able to see each little bunny as we moved them over. 

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