Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Lyla at 3 years old is her own person!  One Saturday night I thought I'd get crafty and make Lyla's dress or Sunday... After 2.5 hours of sewing and getting it just right, I was satisfied.  Sunday morning rolls around and Lyla just wasn't having it!  She did wear the dress to Church but against her will and covered in a long pea coat... what a little stinker she is!  Rob told me after making the dress to hang it in her closet & just act like it was no big deal when I brought her clothes out for church, otherwise she wouldn't wear it.  Well I didn't listen, I started telling her about Mommy working hard on her dress and how I added a little lace apron on it for her.  Then came the look!!!  I knew then that she was just going to say 'no' simply so she'd be the one making the decision.  Why this story!??!  Just wanted to mark my word that one day Lyla will cling to the tiny little hand made dresses, as if they were plated in gold.  So, this is to you Lyla:  Momma will keep making you dresses and forcing you to wear them and when the day comes that you are grown and have a daughter of your own.. I want you to give me a hug & say thanks! :0)   I love you girly.

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