Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's the little things that make me tick...

like tonight, as we were returning from the home of a sweet friend, who is more like family... Lyla says "Momma, look at those cute little stars twinkling at me!" as she hopped out of the truck.  That simple little sentence made my tired self smile from ear to ear.  I love that my little girl really believes the stars are up there twinkling just for her.  We stopped and stared at the stars for a few minutes and wouldn't trade those quiet seconds for anything on earth.  As we were walking to the house, I looked at her and she looked so content and happy.  I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking about.. and wishing I could have the same thoughts, if only for a minute.

I will also add a little note of how blessed I am to be surrounded by wonderful people in my life.  I have friends who will listen to me for hours if I need and return my words with nothing but a hug if that is what I need.  I have friends who will spend 4 hours changing my brake pads and listening to my children scream with laughter during the whole process & then ask for nothing but a thank you in return.  I have friends who are beside me no matter what decisions I make in life.  I have friends who love me for me.  I have friends who drive by my house the morning after a storm just to make sure I'm okay!   Who are these amazing people you ask???  I call them FAMILY.    Casey, Jennifer, Cindy, Phillip and many others ~ I love you guys... all your greatness is forever locked in my heart.  :)

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