Sunday, March 27, 2011

My heart is happy.

Tonight as I crawled in bed I thought about the rain that was coming in the morning and then thought about the bunnies and how they needed their bunny box inside their cage to shield the wind and rain.  So, I stumbled back out of bed & threw on some mud boots to set up the cozy little box for them.

On my walk in the dark to the bunny yard I thought about the sweet brown bunny that we had lost the day before.  Coco had some how snuck through the fence and was gone!  My heart was broken as were my children's.  Coco was a mini Charcoal (momma Bunny), she was the exact colors of her and was wild with adventure.  Coco was Lyla little bunny and I was beyond sad that she was gone.

As I set the box up inside their cage I tried to angle my flashlight so I could see Midnight (tate's baby bunny) and make sure he wouldn't get smooshed by the box.  As I shown the light on him I noticed a noise outside of the cage.. with the move of the flashlight I saw Coco!  I tried so hard to catch her, but she kept hoping from my grip... I lost her in the dark & she wasn't to be found inside the fenced area.  As I prayed for God to bring her back and I shown my flashlight all over the ground outside the fence I saw Banana Peel (Daddy Bunny), who lives in the hen yard fencing.. he had a little extra fur underneath and I realized it was Coco!  Banana Peel continued to love on Coco and snuggle with her as I watched on with tears in my eyes.  What you must understand, is that the male father will most times eat the baby bunnies or act aggressively with them... so much that you must remove them directly after birth from the same inclosure as the babies.  As Banana Peel loved on Coco I realized that the whole time that Coco was gone, Banana Peel had been caring for her.  We spent hours out by the hen yard today and not once did I see Coco.  I'm not sure where Banana Peel had her hid, but he did a great job keeping our lil one safe.  I was so proud to see Coco hop back through the fence to be with Momma Bunny.. she set right to nursing and is happily at home with baby Midnight and Charcoal.  My night is complete & I can now journey off to bed with a happy heart. I can't wait to tell my children when they wake that Coco found her way back to Charcoal and is safe and sound.

With two dogs who watch the bunny yard like hawks, this is a miracle in itself... so blessed to have witnessed such a sweet thing on The Engle Farm.

Here are a couple of videos of our sweet little Coco.

This video is before we moved the bunnies outside.  This is where my children spent most of their evenings :)

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