Monday, March 14, 2011

OKAY ~ Forget the blog challenge.. I failed!

I can't possibly blog every single day of my life with a photo included.. so I'm going to update as I can & try to record our life and live it too :)

And to start all that off, while cleaning out our JUNK Cabinet that holds school work, taxes, etc. I found an old envelope that had scribbling on it ~ in that scribbling was words I jotted down that Lyla said to me about 8 months ago.  So that I never ever forget her innocence, here they are :)

LYLA:  Momma, did you know that Lady Bugs Cry?
ME: Nope, I didn't know that.
LYLA:  Yes, if they are outside they sometimes cry.
LYLA:  Well maybe they don't have a mouth to cry with!??!?!
ME:  Well then how do they eat?
LYLA:  I guess with their eyes!

 This is a convo we had about the horse that had died named Bella.

LYLA:  Mom, how did Bella go to Heaven?
ME: Well she was sick, very sick and just couldn't make it through.
LYLA:  Did God give her pink wings??

Just love that lil girl, so curious and sweet.  

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