Wednesday, December 12, 2007

what he is like right now@4 years old!

So my little monkey Tate is really coming into his own little world these days~ he says almost anything & questions everything!!

The other day Tate, Lyla and I were laying down for our daily 2.5 hour nap, (yeah I know~I could be doing house work, but it's so nice) when he asked me to sing a song to help him go to sleep, nothing different there....but as I sang the song 'you are my sunshine' I peeked through the slats of my eyeslids to see if he was falling asleep, well he wasn't so I watched him. My sweet little boy watched me sing every word~ as if he were taking in every moment of it....just looking me over so sweetly. I was wondering what he could be thinking so I opened my eyes and asked him. His response was nothing loving & sweet at all......but gosh was it cute! He said "well Mom, I really think after our nap that we should cut your teeth, they are growing really long~the two front ones really need cut!" oh, what a little boy I have....just full of happiness & he don't even realize it! I couldn't help but smile & agree that my teeth are really big (or atleast to him).

When I ask him, he says:

Who is your best friend......Caleb & Uncle Scotty & Daddy
Who is your girlfriend.......You & Lyla
What do you want for Christmas......A sharp knife, blue train, & 4 wheeler.
What makes you sad.....eating supper.
What do you want to get Mommy for her Bday.......a train
Who is Mommy's best friend.....Lyla & Jennifer & Kellie & Nanny & sometimes Daddy ( i added the last one)
What does Mommy do while you are at school....laundry.
Is Mommy pretty.....yeah, but not when Sarah makes your hair real curly, you look pretty now, but not like curly.
Who do you want to be when you grow up.......A Soldier & Daddy & a hunter, so I can get a deer & eat it. Then I'll get a rabbit & you can eat it~(never gonna happen, buddy!)
What is you favorite & grey
What do you want to do right now.....go to popas' house.

Just yesterday Tate called me to the bathroom to clean him bottom....when I got there I talked to him about learning to wipe on his own, cause he was getting so stinky~ he replied...."nah, probably not til I'm TWENTY!!!" Ha...that's what he thinks :)

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