Monday, December 17, 2007

My sweet Birthday~ the big 25!!!!

So today was alittle crazy for a Birthday, as we spent it in the Doctor's office with Tate...just trying to make sure my little boy is okay. (more about that in a later post) So after we finished with the CT scan we met up with Rob at Out Back
YUMMY~steak! Dinner went really well, the kids were excellent at the table & out server was the best! Once we were home we kicked our shoes off & brought out the gifts! Rob had gotten me a pair of Diamond ear rings, that he and Tate picked out. My sweet lil Tater bought me a girly ring/necklace set. Rob let him pickout whatever he wanted to get me, and he choose that...I LOVED it! I will forever have that $3.00 set of jewelry~ There is nothing sweeter than the fact that he was thinking of me when he saw it! As he was sliding them on my finger he told me how much he loved me & that i need to wear the purple butterfly ring forever just like I wear my other ring forever (wedding band) So for the next little bit, I'm gonna make my sweet boy happy & wear it...I'm sure my finger will turn green~ but anything to make him smile. ♥
Here we are putting on my new ring set......

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