Friday, August 22, 2008

Kye Burnett

For all your family members who are livin' back in the dark ages & don't have a Myspace account ;) Here are some sweet little pics of our darling, Kye. With life as busy as it has been these last few months I haven't really got to see the little booger, but I still feel as if there is a little bond I share with him. I've held him only a handfull of times, yet seeing him enter the world & take his first breath of air has changed me forever.

When I had both of my children, I was in a rollercoaster~ I didn't know from one minute to the next what to expect. I was stressed, hurting & wanting to hold my baby....but with Kye, I was able to sit back & learn from it all, just soaking every second of it up...the good & the bad. It was a very stressful/emotional evening & one I will never forget. Heather was such a trooper & really earned the title of Mom.... As I watched her strain & push, tears whelled in my eyes~ she was doing the job that God put us here to do as Mothers...she was bring new life into this world. Once he was here, I was covered in goose bumps~ at that moment a little miracle was here & they called him Kye. Thanks Nathan & Heather for letting me be apart of it all. It has forever changed me :)

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