Friday, April 18, 2008

Shrinking Hippo Update!

2 weeks old....

1 month...... 8lbs. 7oz

2 Months.......12lb. 4oz

3 months....(with her new pierced ears)

4 months.....she's smiling and oh so so sweet!

5 Months
It is so cool how with each photo I am able to see Lyla change......each photo holds a new milestone! This month Lyla found her feet! They are her new best friend, (next to Tate). She weighs around 18lbs. I will take her next month for her "well baby check up" and we'll see exactly what she weighs. Oh & check out her new hoop ear rings ♥

6 months
Oh my goodness! Lyla is already 6 months old!!!!! That is half of a year, already gone~ just flew by! She is growing and learning so much. She can sit alone now and she has also gained two teeth! With the hustle and bustle of Christmas I was late posting this but the photo is on the 15th of December when she turned 6 months. She broke her first bottom tooth on the 17th (my Bday) and then the second one came in on Christmas morning....those were her gifts to me, the breast~feeding mother! lol Nah, only playing...I am really thrilled they popped out, cause gosh she looks cute with them~ Lyla is such a happy baby, she loves people and is already rooting for their attention. This month she has changed alot. She cries alittle when I leave the room & she will grab for me to hold her~ she is totally lovin' Mom! Her favorite food is bananas & she loves drinking water from a sippy cup. I can't believe how fast she is here is the pic, can't you just squeeze those legs!

She is 7 Months!
Oh wow! What a change one month can make...she is so curious & notices everything! The changes have defently happened this month~ Lyla is in l♥ve with Mommy. If I walk out of the room...she cries, if I hand her off....she cries, I know it all stems from love so it's okay. She was so much fun for this month's photoshoot~ (even if I did have my camera in landscape & the pics are green!!!) I redid the shoot & the color look great, but they were missing the story...So I'm going with the green one~ because during the session she finally realized there was a little hippo beside her...she would look at me with a serious look then look at the hippo, then back to me & cry. Then she'd do it all over again. She was just not so sure about the little hippo! So here it green picture! LOL

Yes, believe it or not I'm finally posting~ I have been so busy with just everyday life & photography that I've totally fallen short on my blog....sorry to all my faithful readers :)

So Lyla is now 10 months old & so full of love. She has changed so much in the last few months. She now has 5 teethers & loves to bite me everytime I brush them ;) She has started clapping in her own little balling up one fist & clapping her other hand on top of it! She l♥ves to play peek-a-boo~ it is something she does all the time! She is so funny....she'll find the smallest little thing to hide behind, thinking we can't see her. I grabbed a pic of her hiding behind a granola was raised on top of her head & she was looking straight at the camera, yet she was hiding! I just love the stage she is at, she is full of high pitched screams & that big belly laughter! She is defently different then Tate was as a baby. She doesn't like to be touched, as in snuggling (unless she is nursing & laying down for nap) other than that, she will push our hands off of her~ Tate was a love bug & attached to his paci & blankie by her age. Not Lyla~ she gave up her paci on her own...everytime we tried to pop it in, she'd spit it out directly! She also rejects a blankie or snuggly bear. I guess it's a good thing, cause it's one less thing to break later..but I just wanted a few great pics of a little toddler with her worn out bear dragging behind her~crazy i know :)
Lyla has a new nickname this month...we slowly started calling her Lyleeeeee. It has stuck & we call her that almost more than her name~ she responds well to it & I think it's just the cutest thing to hear Tate say. Lyla is saying a few words...her first word was Da-Da, (just like Tater) Then she picked up Bye-Bye with a wave. Her wave is cute, cause she just throws her hand up in the she already too cool for school! Then finally she said Ma-Ma. Just melted my heart! Now she is saying Daw for Dog. And I think she's say Bru for Brubby (which is what we call Tate)

It has been amazing to see all the changes that happen so fast. I remember thinking during my last week of pregnancy, how sad it was for Tate that he would never be the only child again. That he would forever have to share my love, my time, and things would never be the same.....well that was defently true! But I have come to realize now that I love both of my children with no end in sight & that Tate would not trade his sister for the world.

So here is her 10 month pic...I still need to post 8 & 9 months, but I have to search through my tower of discs to find them....not something I want to do right this moment! So here she is~ our little Lyleeeeee.

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there's my update! she looks so prim and proper. and getting so big.