Friday, April 18, 2008

One day I'll miss it.........

Yes, we stumble over little toys all day long. Yes, when I crawl into bed I find several micro machines under my pillow. Yes, when I do laundry there are little metal trains at the bottom of the washer from Tate's Pockets. Yes, Rob & I find ourselves swearing under our breath about all the toys toys toys! But one day I'll be crawling into my made up bed that is toyless, and when I do laundry it'll be missing that little treasure at the end of every load!

I was watching the kiddos play yesterday & realize that although my house is not always clean, it is full of life! My kids enjoy playing in the kitchen floor with toys all around them & in the end that is what they will remember~ they will forget so easily if the laundry was done or if the oven was scrubbed.

As for me & my family we are going to live life as we want....after all no one can do as much as their mother-in-law did! LOL

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Tabitha W. said...

you got it sister...a home is for living and loving, not cleaning!