Friday, April 18, 2008

Peanuts & Lyla don't mix!!!!!

Oh my....we had such a scare! My poor little baby is allergic to peanuts! During lunch last week Tate was eating a peanut butter sandwich & I decided to share some with Lyla. After a couple tiny pinches of it, we went upstairs for nap time.....alittle over a hour later we wake up & Lyla's face was alittle red, I just thought it was from sleeping....well within 5 minutes she started to break out in tiny hives on her face, they started moving to her neck & chest. I called Rob & decided to take her to the Dr. once I remembered her having the peanut butter.....well by the time I drove 20 minutes to Canton, she was soooo swollen. Her ears were HUGE! She didn't have the bumpy hives anymore, because her complete face & chest were now red & covered her body. The Doctor kinda flipped when we got there, but was able to give her a shot to counter act everything her body was doing...he told me that it normally took 5 minutes, but he would give her no longer than 10 minutes before she would be transported to the ER. I was so frightened. The shot was amazing....she started clearing up within minutes & was playing again like nothing happened. By the time I arrived home to her worried Daddy & brother, her face almost clear & her body was barely red. These are a few of the pics once we were home. You can tell her ears are still alittle swollen, but nothing like they were & her poor lil chest was still somewhat red. These pictures really don't do the story was bad! But we have an awesome peditrician & he ordered blood work to find out the severity of the recation she'll have to peanuts & all prescribed an epipen...which is a shot of us to give until she can get to the ER. Wish us luck with everything, as I am educating myself on foods made with peanut oil, etc. Hopefully this will never happen again, as it was defently a scary situation. To all you who are close to our family, please remember this allergy she has & please do not have peanuts around my sweet baby girl!

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Tabitha W. said...

i'm not sure who i feel worse for lyla or poor mama for having to go thru that :(