Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My sweet Kerri Kiker~ you will forever live in my heart

This past week has been on of the hardest weeks ever! My sweet, beautiful friend Kerri was killed in a car wreck on the 19th of January. She was a wonderful girl, a girl so full of life~ a girl who taught me so much about life. At a time when most of us are making huge choices in life (teenage years) I was led by her. She taught me how to put on my makeup, she taught me how to straight iron my hair, how to drive a car, how to smoke~(I didn't say it was all good :), she took me muddin' she took me to the beach, she helped me get a job @ cowboys, she she taught me how to be a good friend, a friend for life!

A couple of my favorite memories of Kerri......My favorite time with her was on night on our way back from Cowboys. We were tired from work and I was dozzing off in the passenger seat when she scream for me to wake up that she saw two shooting stars~ I naturally made fun of her & said "Whatever?!?!" I snuggled back into place, when she screamed again~ she had seen another one! That was how she was~ just always so happy & excited over the smallest things. Well I sat up and watched and sure enough there were several shooting stars shooting across the sky. We didn't know until we turned the radio on that there was a meteor shower that once we got to Ellijay we pulled up to Talona Mtn. and sat by the cross, watching the shower of shooting stars. She was in amazement~ we hung our heads out of her sunroof & puffed on our NASTY cigarettes~ just young and without care....we normally got home around 3am from work, but on this night we rolled in after day light~ we must have sat there for 4 or more hours just talking and soaking up our time together. It is nights like this that I'll treasure my sweet friend is among those stars!

Another of my favorite times with Kerri was our "girly nights" We would make our boyfriends leave the cabin and we would get in our pj's (which if you know Kerri that consisted of OVER SIZED GUY PAJAMA PANTS & A SWEAT SHIRT) then we would turn on the Golden Girls and do our facials. The first night we decided to do it, she taught me how to do the whole facial thing...she directed me not to smile or it would crack once it was dried. Again if you know Kerri, that was as she came back from he kitchen I took her picture then she took mine~ once she sat down we looked at each other & started to laugh~ we laughed and laughed! Our faces cracked all to pieces. :) She was such a good friend, with such a happy soul.

I'll post our pics from the night of facials once they are scanned.

I'm so thankful to have known Kerri. I will never forget the wonderful moments we spent together~ as for the friends I have with me still. I love you all.


Kelley said...

Thanks for doing this. It is a beautiful. It is a reminder about how we all should be to eachother. Teaching,learning and loving one another. Kerri was a natural beauty. She will be missed here in Ellijay.

Tabitha W. said...

what wonderful memories to treasure.

Leah Wright said...

I was so very fortunate to have had keri in my life.She tought me so much through out my life. words can not describe how much we all miss her beautiful smile, her cute laugh, and even her lectures and her advice which both have kept me out of alot of trouble and if you knew keri then you know what I am talking about. Keri was so full of life and love every thing she touched was blessed. I love and miss her every day But I am so thankful to have had her in my life. She was not just my cousin she was a wonderful friend.

Sarahfina said...

Thanks fir this Nichol. I miss her real bad today.

Sarahfina said...

By the way, Kerri would be so proud of you! Your beautiful family, youown business, you sweet heart. And I'm proud of you too!