Friday, January 18, 2008

♥ The Hippo update ♥

2 weeks old....

1 month...... 8lbs. 7oz

2 Months.......12lb. 4oz

3 months....(with her new pierced ears)

4 months.....she's smiling and oh so so sweet!

5 Months
It is so cool how with each photo I am able to see Lyla change......each photo holds a new milestone! This month Lyla found her feet! They are her new best friend, (next to Tate). She weighs around 18lbs. I will take her next month for her "well baby check up" and we'll see exactly what she weighs. Oh & check out her new hoop ear rings ♥

6 months
Oh my goodness! Lyla is already 6 months old!!!!! That is half of a year, already gone~ just flew by! She is growing and learning so much. She can sit alone now and she has also gained two teeth! With the hustle and bustle of Christmas I was late posting this but the photo is on the 15th of December when she turned 6 months. She broke her first bottom tooth on the 17th (my Bday) and then the second one came in on Christmas morning....those were her gifts to me, the breast~feeding mother! lol Nah, only playing...I am really thrilled they popped out, cause gosh she looks cute with them~ Lyla is such a happy baby, she loves people and is already rooting for their attention. This month she has changed alot. She cries alittle when I leave the room & she will grab for me to hold her~ she is totally lovin' Mom! Her favorite food is bananas & she loves drinking water from a sippy cup. I can't believe how fast she is here is the pic, can't you just squeeze those legs!

She is 7 Months!
Oh wow! What a change one month can make...she is so curious & notices everything! The changes have defently happened this month~ Lyla is in l♥ve with Mommy. If I walk out of the room...she cries, if I hand her off....she cries, I know it all stems from love so it's okay. She was so much fun for this month's photoshoot~ (even if I did have my camera in landscape & the pics are green!!!) I redid the shoot & the color look great, but they were missing the story...So I'm going with the green one~ because during the session she finally realized there was a little hippo beside her...she would look at me with a serious look then look at the hippo, then back to me & cry. Then she'd do it all over again. She was just not so sure about the little hippo! So here it green picture! LOL

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