Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A day stored in my memory....

It's a day I hope to never forget & one I hope to relive every year!

The day after Thanksgiving~ we went out to the Jone's Christmas Tree Farm in Ellijay. I love everything about getting our tree there...I love the beautiful drive through the country road that I used to travel daily on the way to my parents house; I love the memory of going there yearly with my parents to pick the PERFECT tree; I love the smell of the tall green trees; I love the cold crisp breeze that lets me know winter is upon us. I just love it all!

Tate had alot of fun meeting Mr. George (owner of farm) he was alittle afraid of his old saw mill~ but in the end he thought it was all pretty neat! He ran and played in ALL the rows of trees....to him the place must have seemed endless! He helped pick out our tree, but orignally wanted every HUGE 15ft. tree & didn't understand that we had to get one to fit in our house...which was also hard for me to understand! I also wanted all the large ones & was constantly reminded by Rob that they just wouldn't fit!

The photo below is one of my favorites from the ride~ I love the fact that it captured so much in one simple shot....notice the bright blue skies in the mirror, the beautiful pasture filled with cows, and me snapping the picture~

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