Friday, October 12, 2007

As are a couple sweet pics of Lyla.

this one is blurry, but I love it anyway~

So sorry to all of my loyal blog readers....I have been crazy busy these days and haven't updated in what seems like forever!

My sweet lil girly is changing so fast, she is smiling all the time~ and those belly laughs are to die for! She is the happiest baby I've ever met, and she is mine! I'm so happy to have her in my life.... Rob and I were talking today about how wonderful it is to have her~I reminded him that I had to talk him into having a second child.....then he said "well thank you". It was just the sweetest moment of my day & I wanted to share :)Hope everyone is enjoying this great fall weather!

I'll post again with some new pics of Tater and Lyla on our trip to the sunflower fields~so check back!

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Tabitha W. said...

Yay, it's about time! She is getting so big! What a beautiful smile-I can almost hear her laughing!!