Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our little trip to the never ending SUNFLOWER FIELD

What a fun day with my kiddos....well except for the bugs, the highway being so close, the fact that Lyla can't sit, and that Tate wouldn't be natural in front of the camera. Other than those few minor bumps in the road this was a wonderful day filled full of memories I will hold forever!

So it was an overcast day and I decided there was nothing better to do then take a little drive (with the hook up from my bro, Nolan I knew of the perfect place) Oh, what a view...for as far as I could see it was YELLOW! Though it was amazing to me, I wish I could have seen the field through Tate's eyes. I'm sure it was 10 times larger and brighter! Everythig seems magical when being seen through a child's eyes/imagination.

Once we had returned home (after Tate had consummed the two peanut butter cups that I have bribed him with the whole day) he wanted to go back...I knew he saw the field in his magical, child like way when he described it to his Dad saying "we went to a place with big big flowers, all of the flowers were bigger than even you Dad!" So that is why I love this next picture, it kinda grabs the view Tate had on the flowers ~ they were just larger than life!

We had a wonerful day & got some awesome pics....can't wait to go back next year~ as I have added this field to one of my all time favorite places! Thanks Nolan for the heads up! ♥

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Tabitha W. said...

Wow! What a gorgeous place!!