Saturday, September 8, 2007

Children's Musuem of Atlanta & Sesame Street

Our trip turned out great! We really enjoyed our ride down to the musuem, we must have had 10 or more big rig trucks hong at us.....maybe it was the 4 year old boy in the back seat pumping his arm up and down at them?!?!? Once we arrived Tate ran around like crazy, not sure what he wanted to do first. We did alittle bit of everything until he spotted the train set and then we were there for atleast a hour! He enjoyed all of the hands on activities they had~his favorite was the trains and moon sand :) Little Lyla was an angel baby....she slept in the stroller almost the entire time. Our day was great~I wouldn't trade it for are just a few of the cute pics from our trip.

Tate really enjoyed calling Elmo on the phone....

Nana and Lyla sitting by Oscar's Can. He wasn't there at the moment...he'd gone fishing with Slimey.

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Jessica said...

I love places like this! Looks like you guys had fun!