Monday, September 3, 2007

Back to normal......we are a happy family!

I am so greatful for today. It was a huge milestone for us as a new family of seems that we have been split since Lyla arrived. (Ya know, Rob taking Tate places, Lyla staying with Mommy) I was just really longing for some family time. After today I see that it is possible~ we had a great day at Talking Rock Park. We cooked on the grill, relaxed on the old wooden swing, played on the playground and walked on the train tracks (Tate's Favorite part).

As we walked down the train tracks Tate copied Rob and My Dad...eating sunflower seeds then spitting them out...not sure that even cracked one of them open, but he sure enjoyed being like the big guys! He is growing so fast and it is moments like these that I realize just how fast time is flying by. It is days like today that I'm able to slow down enough to really enjoy what I should be enjoying everyday~my family.

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Tabitha W. said...

What sweet memories and great pics!